Hina Doll Court Ladies (Japanese Dolls)

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Past Exhibit

Hina Doll Court Ladies (Japanese Dolls)

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Arch Two , Area 19

Alongside the assortment of Hina Dolls in the display, there are two court ladies situated at the back of the cabinet in the centre.


The two court ladies would ordinarily be accompanied by a third lady, as part of a Hina Doll set. The two ladies are standing and positioned facing one another wearing kimonos - one is dressed in black, the other in pink, with red sashes.


Ordinarily, there would be three court ladies within each Hina Doll set. They would each be holding equipment used to serve saki, a traditional rice-liqueur, and would be situated on the second tier of a Hina Doll stand. The Hina Dolls would be displayed during Hinamatsuri, the Girl's Day festival.