Greenhouse (John Hill and Co)

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Greenhouse (John Hill and Co)

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Arch Three , Area 65
1930s Layout, central section, front

A white cast lead Greenhouse with green roof spine and red-painted brick-effect lower section, made by John Hill and Co ("Johillco").

Johillco lead greenhouse, on the museum's central 1930s layout


The greenhouse appears on p.162 of Norman Joplin's The Great Book of Hollow-cast Figures. The book shows a similar-looking greenhouse with red bricking by Cherilea, but with an opening door and no green spine-stripe (The Johillco version is shown with the door moulded in the closed position, although the entire end wall-panel might hinge, and has a "knob"). By contrast, the Britains greenhouse had a 45-degree wood-panelling effect for the lower wall, in green.