Graham Farish 00 accessories

From The Brighton Toy and Model Index

Other than track, the 1960s Farish range also included a limited range of 00-gauge landscape modelling accessories.

Typically idiosyncratic, Farish seemed to have decided not to follow other companies in supplying kits of buildings, instead deciding that any worthwhile modeller would be quite capable of making decent buildings themselves, out of cardboard or balsa, with the possible exception of the roofs ... so Farish sold just the plastic roofs.

Modellers might also have trouble creating the fine details of shop windows, so Farish sold sets of papers of shopfronts that users could glue onto their own home-made card buildings, provided that they'd made them to the right shape (presumably to exactly fit the shape of the Farish roofs).

What Farish didn't seem to do was to pander to less defiantly technical scenery-builders, and take the obvious step of producing card building kits with roofs included and a set of detailing already printed on. Because that would be too obvious.

The niche product that they made that was genuinely useful was a small range of plastic paintable tunnel mouth pieces with strongly 3D relief stonework detailing, that one could embed into a layout. However, having succeeded in making the tunnel entrances, and a couple of tapered sidewalls, they seem (according to the 1969 catalogue) not to have bothered producing sheets of matching 3D stonework so that modellers could produce walls and stretches of stonewalled railway-cutting sides.