The Bassett-Lowke Story, by Roland Fuller

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"The Bassett-Lowke Story", by Roland Fuller (New Cavendish, 1982) ISBN 0904568342 , is the main third-party history-stroke-biography of the Bassett-Lowke company.



The Bassett-Lowke Story

– The First Catalogues – Percival Marshall and The "Model Engineer" – Henry Greenly – George Winteringham and the introduction of a Scale Model Permanent Way – Passenger Carrying Railways – Small Gauge Railways – New Premises – The First Retail Shop and Edward HobbsThe Model Railway Handbook – Models, Railways and Locomotives – The Second London Shop - 112 High Holborn – Architectural Model Work and E.W. Twining - Exhibition ModelsShip Models Develop Apace – The Widening Stock Range – Orders from Overseas and Continued Expansion – London Shop Developments – Business Connections – Promotional Models – Agencies are Established – The Great War 1914-18 – Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway - 1914-25 – Ships Models Ltd. – Edinburgh and Manchester Shops – New Winteringham Products – Wembley Exhibition – Winteringham's "M.D." – The B.D.V. Order – 00 Gauge – The B.L. Chairmen – A Märklin Interlude – Changes of Address – Garden Railway Locomotives – "Ships Models" Developments – Model Cabins – The Advent of the "Wireless" – The London Shop between the Wars – Trix Twin – Management Reorganisation – 10 1/4"-Gauge "Royal Scot" – Winteringham Ltd., Ships Models and Exhibitions in the 1930s – Other Realignments – The Henry Greenly Episode – The Second World War – The Shops During The War – Post-war Work and Problems – Ships Models Post-war – 50th Anniversary – The Busy Years – Return to Kingswell Street – Industrial Models – The Problem Years – The New Standard Bearers, by Allen Levy – W.J. Bassett-Lowke as Architectural Patron, by Narisa Levy

The "Picture Album"

Some Personal Reflections by Dudley Dimmock


Table A. The Classic Range of Locomotives produced by Bing for Bassett-Lowke
Table B. Bing "Freelance" Locomotives sold by Bassett-Lowke
Table C. Carette Locomotives sold by Bassett-Lowke
Table D. Märklin Locomotives sold by Bassett-Lowke
Table E. Bassett-Lowke Locomotives Gauge 1
Table F. Bassett-Lowke Locomotives Lithographed Gauge 0
Table G. Bassett-Lowke Gauge 0 Locomotives
Table H. Leeds Locomotives sold by Bassett-Lowke
Table I. Carette Coaches
Table J. Carette Goods Wagons
Table K. The Bing "1921" Series Lithographed Coaches for Bassett­-Lowke
Table L. Bassett-Lowke Series Lithographed Coaches / Lithographed Coaches using Carette Tooling


Appendix I. Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke – Harry Foldar – Robert Franklin
Appendix II. Bassett-Lowke Ltd – The newly Incorporated Company
Appendix III. Principal Exhibition Class Ships made by Bassett-Lowke
Appendix IV.

– Miniature Railways of Great Britain Ltd – Narrow Gauge Railways Ltd – 15" Gauge "Little Giant" Locomotives – 15" Gauge "Little Giant" (Improved Class) – 15" Gauge "Little Giant" ("Sans Pareil" class) – 15" Gauge "Colossus" Locomotive – Abington Park 1905 – Blackpool 1905 – Sutton Park, Birmingham 1907 – White City, London 1909 – Nancy 1909 – Roubaix, Cologne, Breslau and Budapest 1909-1912 – Halifax Zoo, Cherin Edge 1910 – Brussels Exhibition 1910 – Llewellyn Miniature Railway, Southport 1911 – Rhyl Miniature Railway 1911 – Luna Park, Geneva, 1912 – Norwegian Exhibition, – Christiania (Oslo) 1914 – The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railways

Appendix V. 50th Anniversary 1949 – Distinguished Customers of London shop
Appendix VI. Principal Museums in which Bassett-Lowke Models are exhibited

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