Foden FG Lorry (Shackleton Models)

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Foden FG Lorry (Shackleton Models)

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Arch Two , Area 27
Budgie Toys (display)
Shelf 4

A dark blue constructional clockwork flatbed Foden F.G.6 Lorry, with red wheelarches, black tyres, dull silver hubcaps on the two front wheels and recessed hubs on the four rear wheels produced by Shackleton Toys/Abbey Corinthian, probably in the 1950s.

Supplied ready-built, the lorry was designed allow disassembly and reassembly like a real lorry.

Retail box, Shackleton Models Foden FG Lorry


The lorry is displayed on shelf four coupled to a matching Shackleton Dyson trailer, with its blue and yellow box displayed a couple of shelves below, on shelf two.