Fifie herring boat (model)

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Fifie herring boat (model)

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Arch Two , Area 77
Arch Two, Misc.

Model of "Minnie", a brown wooden "Fifie" fishing boat with a single mast and two pale brown sails. As well as the boat name, the model is marked "KY5".

It was traditional for people in the area to build toy models of their boats.

The model boat got its own custom display cabinet in 2012.

"Fifie" herring-boats

"Fifies" were built and used for herring fishing from the harbours of Fife's East Coast, St. Monan's, Pittenweem, Anstruther, and Crail.

Built mainly in the 1880's to 1920's, the largest were 70 feet long (21m). Characterised by their vertical bows and sterns, the "Fifies" were supreme herring catching machines in their day.

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