Erector "Hudson" loco tender construction set (Gilbert, reproduction)

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Erector "Hudson" loco tender construction set (Gilbert, reproduction)

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Arch Two , Area 6
Metal Construction Sets (display)

This is a modern reproduction of the black twelve-wheel New York Central tender for the Erector Hudson "Giant Locomotive Set", from Gilbert and Co., circa 1939. Although technically classed as a replica (it couldn't be sold as an original), it's made with the original machine tools used to create the original, so although it's not manufactured by Gilbert, it's physically equivalent to a non-Gilbert-authorised "extra production run" item.

It's displayed, assembled, alongside the Gilbert Hudson locomotive.


The Erector Hudson locomotive kit was available with or without a tender, and due to the size and cost of the sets, a significant proportion of buyers chose to "cut a corner" and buy the cheaper version of the set, that came without the tender. This meant that more locomotives were produced than tenders, and when the locomotive set later became a "collectible", the demand for spare tenders became so high that a market was created for reproduction tenders.

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