Edwardian wooden model shop

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Edwardian wooden model shop

Edwardianwoodenshop detail.jpg (i)

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Arch Two , Area 17
Toy Variety (display)

A beautiful inlaid wooden Edwardian model general shop dating from around ~1910, with accessories from different sources.

It includes a fixed wooden base with tile-effect flooring, the wooden counter, and a surrounding wall of cubbyholes, drawers and cabinets. Its range of of accessory items and shop fittings incorporates just about anythign that you might have expected to see in a contemporary grocers, including foil-packed tea and grocery items in paper parcels, glass and ceramic jars, cloth-covered pots, bottles and tins and cardboard packs, a wooden barrel, a range of assorted meats and a shop clock.

It's a very nice piece. Many of the shop's accessories seem to come from other sources and date a little later than the main shop body, as the owner collected more items to go with their shop.

Edwardian wooden "Play Shop", detail

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