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Our Museum offers a unique experience and is a popular choice for educational visits.

The sessions provide an exciting opportunity for pupils to look at and handle artefacts as well as to discuss their significance. For KS2 sessions an emphasis is also placed on historical investigation and the use of evidence.


Our current education sessions are:

Toys, Puppets and Mechanics – Early Years, KS1 and KS2
In this session we investigate the world of toys, looking at the characteristics of old and new toys, including their materials. We also look at how toys move, focusing on the different forces which power them. This includes an opportunity to handle a range of toys and investigate their different qualities.
The Victorians – KS2
In this session we look at how artefacts in the toy museum represent Victorian life, from the changing role of transport to the growing importance of the seaside as a holiday location. We also investigate the difference between the experience of rich and poor children, seen especially in the issues of toys and play.
Life in Britain since the 1930s – KS2
Drawing on both artefacts and oral history case studies, in this session pupils carry out an investigation into the nature of play and toys from the 1930s to the present day, looking at issues of both continuity and change.
World War Two - what was it like to be a child in WW2? – KS2
This session uses the skills of historical investigation to examine the experience of children in WW2, especially focussing on how toys and play reflect and represent the impact of war on the everyday lives of children in Britain. We draw on both oral history case studies and artefacts in the museum.
Bespoke sessions
With prior arrangement, we can adapt the existing sessions or create new ones in order to meet specific requests.
We can also arrange and deliver educational sessions for KS3 or KS4 students, college students, adult learners and community groups.
Puppet shows
A puppet show can be provided for an extra charge. Two shows are currently available – a traditional fairy tale using beautifully handmade puppets (mainly suitable for KS1 children) and a Punch and Judy show (which fits especially well with the KS2 Victorian or WW2 session).


For further information, please contact either Tracy or Andrea (Education Officers)

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