Dynamo (Bowman Model 839)

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Dynamo (Bowman Model 839)

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Arch Two , Area 6
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A Bowman Models Electrical Dynamo, Model 839.

The dynamo has a back horse-shoe-shaped magnet mounted vertically around a horizontal wound armature. On one side of the shaft there is a small drive pulley with a knurled groove, reminiscent of the knurled pulleys used on the Bowman range of Aeroboat rubber-band driven boats (to allow them to be wound with a loop of cord).

At the other side is a vertically mounted lightbulb holder (the bulb is missing).

The square base is a classic Bowman design, red-painted folded steel with a raised central area and a row of six Meccano-spaced holes along each of the four sides.

A tiny plaque (not present in the catalogue illustration) says "2V 0.1A".


(Patent applied for )

A super efficient dyanamo on an entirely new principle designed for use with very small steam engines. The only dynamo which gives a bright light with the smallest engine. Fitted ot a drilled metal based for use if required with Meccano models. Complete with special bulb and instructions.

Postage 4d. Price 7/6