Dinky Builder Outfit No1

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Dinky Builder Outfit No1

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Arch Two , Area 4
Meccano Construction Sets (display)

A boxed Dinky Builder Outfit No.1, made by Meccano.


The green box has a label divided diagonally into two, with pictures of a boy and girl each seated in one segment, but overlapping into the other.

This was an important part of the Dinky Builder marketing - where Meccano had always been marketed very strongly at boys, and had made no bones about being engineering "for boys", Dinky Builder put a strong emphasis on its being aimed at girls as well as boys, and this was stressed in all the product's promotional material (the box label distances itself from the typical Meccano gender stereotyping by describing the set as "the Ideal Constructional Toy for Young Folks").


The box is displayed closed (to show the lid artwork), but the Dinky Builder manual for outfits 1 and 2 is laid out in front of the box, again showing pictures of boys and girls playing together with the toy.