Dalek, radio-controlled (BBC)

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Dalek, radio-controlled (BBC)

Radio-controlled Dalek.jpg Radio-controlled talking Dalek (i)
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Arch One , Area 76

A gold/bronze-coloured radio-controlled Dalek, about one foot high, from the BBC TV series "Doctor Who". The box has a large transparent front-and-top panel, and is marked "BBC" and "Manufactured and distributed by Character Options Ltd.".

The Dalek will be on display during November 2013, in the lead-up to the Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary ("DH50") towards the end of November. We've made a special surface for it to drive about on, and provided that we currently have a fresh set of batteries, it'll be available for visitors to play with.

Styling and capabilities

The Dalek design corresponds to the very slightly redesigned version produced for the series relaunch in ~2005, and has a 2004 copyright notice for the redesigned "eye"-style Doctor Who logo.

The Dalek model comes with a gold-coloured plastic remote control with a pair of levers for the Dalek's left and right motors, and a set of central black buttons that trigger the Dalek to recite various phrases.

Box art

Radio-controlled Dalek, box detail.jpg Radio-controlled Dalek, box side 2.jpg Radio-controlled Dalek, box side 3.jpg