Dad's Army butcher's van (Radio Times)

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Dad's Army butcher's van (Radio Times)

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A dark blue box-like butcher's van from the popular UK BBC tv series "Dad's Army" with white roof and side-panels, and gold text reading "J. Jones, Family Butcher, waited on daily".

The van is in its original "Radio Times" packaging with transparent panel, and marked "Exclusive Edition - Made in England", and seems to correspond (without packaging) to a van listed as Lledo 43-91-13.

The television series

Dad's Army was a long-running BBC situation comedy (or "sitcom") set in the fictional English South-Coast town of Walmington-on-Sea during the Second World War. It concerned the exploits of the town's Home Guard, a defence force composed of people considered too old or infirm to join the regular army, who volunteered to join the service in order to stave off any potential German invasion force.

The programme ran for nine series, from 1968-1977.

Lance Corporal Jones (or "Jonesey")'s van was a common sight in episodes of Dad's Army, as it was often the group's main mode of transport during military exercises, and episodes sometimes involved details such as the van being stuck in mud, or being fitted with gun ports, and Lance-Corporal Jones' anxiety over the well-being of the van.

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