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The US Cox HO Trains range seems to have appeared in around ~November 1971, with identical full-page adverts appearing in Popular Science and Boys' Life.

The trains seem to have been made for Cox by Athearn, who also manufactured and supplied HO models to Lionel and to Atlas Model Railroad. This brief diversification into Cox-branded trains was typical of new owners Leisure Dynamics Inc.'s decision to use the high-profile Cox branding on as many products as possible.

The Real Thing. HO Scale.

Box cars that look like real box cars. Locomotives that look like locomotives. That's right – realism in HO Trains. For the first time Cox Quality is available in HO Train sets.

It is no accident that Cox HO Trains look real. A lot of work is put into each car. Each one is individually hand-assembled. Turn one of our cars over and you will see how authentic they are – the underbody detail is identical to what you would see on the real thing. Catwalks are separately attached, not inexpensively moulded in one piece as with other models. Cox markings are even painted in official railroad colours.

But what about performance? You want a locomotive that acts like a locomotive. Ours has eight wheel drive instead of the four you get on some other models. More power to pull more cars, climb steeper grades, start and stop smoothly.Cox quality means low friction, universal joint drive shafts for smooth power transmission on curves and uneven track. Every Cox locomotive you buy has been pretested at the factory to make sure you get the performance you demand. All of this is done so you can have a locomotive that acts like a locomotive.

Check out the three new Cox HO Train Sets. The Fast Freight Special is a great starter set. The Northern Flyer really gets you into business, and the American Freight Express is ideal for the big time railroader.

See all the Cox real ones at toy, hobby and department stores everywhere. Send 25c for our complete catalog of model trains, cars, planes, and rockets.

— , L.M.Cox Manufacturing Co. Inc., Subsidiary of Leisure Dynamics, Inc., , Boys' Life, , November 1971

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