Cornwall locomotive (100Y)

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Cornwall locomotive (100Y)

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An ~32mm-gauge model of the very green 4-2-2 "Cornwall" locomotive from 1847, running number L&NWR 173 (Crewe Works).

This is part of a collection that shows the development of early steam locomotive design. The models are all an "approximately 00/HO-gauge sized" mixture of 3.5 and 3mm scale, and broad-gauge locomotives, on 32mm track, and are probably a mix of modified white metal kits and scratch-built parts.

The original locomotive

The "Cornwall" was designed by Francis Trevithick, and was shown at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

The locomotive has distinctive eight-foot drivewheels, and was later renumbered 3020 and rebuilt as a 2-2-2.

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