Clockwork Locomotive (Primus Engineering)

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Clockwork Locomotive (Primus Engineering)

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Arch Two , Area 6
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A built gauge 1, 0-4-0 clockwork-powered model locomotive built from the Primus Engineering "Clockwork Locomotive Outfit". The locomotive has a brown body (with black front and roof), yellow lining, and the "Primus Engineering" logo proudly emblazoned on the left side of its driver's cab.

It doesn't have the original box that the parts came in.

1923 catalogue text:

The 109 parts of this outfit make up into a really fine clockwork locomotive -- modelled to scale and correctly coloured. The Primus Clockwork Motor (next page) supplied makes it into a model highly appreciated by all for long steady running and good hauling powers.

The locomotive can be supplied completely erected and ready for the railway track as illustrated.

— , -, , Primus Catalogue, , 1923

1924 Catalogue text:

Contains 109 separate parts which are required to construct the Locomotive. The finished model is one of the best examples of constructional toys ever offered. Complete with Primus Clockwork Motor, fitted with control levers and reversing gear.

— , -, , Bassett-Lowke Catalogue "B", , 1924

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Catalogue listing, Primus Clockwork Locomotive Outfit (1924)