Charbens Circus Pieces

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Charbens Circus Pieces

BTMM map 045.gif
Arch Three , Area 45
The Circus (display)

Pieces from the museum's Circus display that were manufactured by Charbens

Longmen Clowns on Stilts
Black Trousers, Red Jacket, Green Cravat
Salmon Trousers, Green Jacket, Blue Cravat
Clown Policeman
Blue Uniform, Brown Billy Club
Boxing Midgets (Pair)X2
Red Shorts on one Green on the other.
Red Shorts on one Orange on the other
Acrobat Balancing on Chair
Brown Chair, Blue Shorts and White Top
Seal Balancing Ball

Black Seal, Orange Ball

Clown Holding Hoop
Red Jacket, Yellow Trousers
Clown Riding Unicycle X2
Orange Outfit, Brown Trousers
Yellow Outfit, Brown Trousers


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