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Structo Auto-Builder, graphic (1927).jpg

Structo Auto Builder

1910s -     

The Structo Auto Builder series was a range of steel road vehicle toys supplied in assemble-it-yourself form.

THE STRUCTO Constructional Motor Cars

While the 'true to life' character of the "Structo" Model Cars has not been surpassed by any other make of mechanical toy, the system adopted by which the owner of the model builds it himself gives it extra fascination.

The "Structo" Auto Cars are miniature reproductions of the real thing. The motors are "clockwork" of exceptional power. The mechanism is arranged on the lines of the prototype, with the proper design of transmission and steering gear.

— , Bassett-Lowke, , B-L Catalogue B, , 1924

Structo Auto-Builder, from 1924

Partial listing (text from 1920s adverts)

No.8 Racing Auto

" Streamline Racer with main shaft control lever, single unit motor. Finished green. 12 1/2" overall. 10" wheel base, 5 1/2" track. In box ready to build. Price 27/6 "

No.10 Bearcat Auto

" Sporting Two-seater. Same mechanism as No.8. Finished red. 15" overall, 12" wheel base, 5 1/2 " track. In box, ready to build. Price 35/- "

No.11 Tractor and Trailer

" Large powerful construction, with triple motor, main shaft control lever. Finished green and red.
  • Tractor 11" × 4" × 7"
  • Trailer 5" × 4" × 2 1/2"
In box, ready to build. Price 35/- "

No.12 De Luxe Motor

" This is the most perfect reproduction of a real motor car ever produced. Notice the modern design, slanting windscreen, with unders-slung body, spare wheel, etc. Triple unit motor, genuine gear transmission, two speeds forward, and reverse. Regular "big car" differential. Gear lever, gearshaft control, separate winding crank. Finished in blue enamel, nickel fittings and black mudguards. 16" overall., 12 1/2" wheel base, 6" track. Price 47/6 "

No.14 Commercial Tipping Lorry

" This model Lorry carries a big load and is fitted with a tipping body and swinging rear door. It has a powerful triple spring motor, operating artillery wheels with a base of 12 1/4 in. The model measures 18 in. long over all, and is finished in red enamel with black and nickel-plated fittings. Boxed in parts as other models. Price 63/- "

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