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... only Strombecker lets you choose from 5 complete racing sets, 14 great racing cars and the biggest assortment of accessories in the world of slot-racing – all in official 1/32 scale and all packed with big car realism, 200 mph speeds and head-on competition. No wonder guys out after the most in road racing choose Strombecker - how about you?

— , Strombecker Corp, , Boys Life, , March 1964

Everything is 1/32 scale but the excitement!


What are the guys doing for king size excitement these days? They're "Strombeckering", of course! In games and clubrooms, in basements and attics from coast to coast – they're building and racing wild machines and stock cars – prototypes of American and European beauties that right now – at this moment – are scorching the tracks and courses in European Grand Prixs and American raceways. And why Strombecker? Because Strombecker is the official 1/32 scale Model Racing and is most like the real thing!

— , Strombecker, , Boys' Life, , December 1964

Strombecker Raceways Competition Kits

The fastest cars onm the track! New Strombecker competition kits are designed to produce the cars that outrace, outperform and outlast all competition on home or commercial tracks. They're the fastest stock kits ever, thanks to blazing Scuttler 12-Volt, high torque motors with epoxied armatures ... centerless ground axles, metal gears and pinions and adjustable low-drag 180° nylon pick-ups. Super-durable, too, with new brass chassis and rugged polystyrene bodies. Each kit also includes special tires, chrome-plated wheels, bullet-nose racing hubs, driver and decals.

— , Strombecker, , advert, , Boys Life, , September 1965


  • Strombecker Corp – 600 N Pulaski Road, Chicago 24, Illinois – 1964

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