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Playcraft Railways

1961 -     

The Playcraft Railways range, manufactured in France by Jouef for Playcraft in the UK, was launched in around ~1961.

Playcraft Railways was not one of the main brands fondly remembered by British model railway collectors, partly because the company unashamedly made low cost its main selling point, and partly because a significant amount of its range was focused on French railway locomotives and rolling stock.

However, the Playcraft range persisted for a surprisingly long time, and had some quite complex and unusual items, including a set of Wagons-Lits carriages and a double-decker SNCF "Panoramique" railcar.

~1962 advertising text:

Build that big layout for a small outlay with Playcraft Railways

You really can build big and at less expense with Playcraft Railways than any other make! Your only major outlay is buying your first Playcraft Train Set. But Playcraft prices start as low as 19/11, and you have 12 excellent sets to choose from. All the additions you make afterwards, from a large range of rolling stock, locos, rails, points and trackside accessories, will cost you less than any other make! Yet they are all strong, made with watch-like precision throughout and are realistic replicas of British and Continental trains and equipment. 00 gauge scale.

Think big! Build big! You can afford to with Playcraft Railways!

Playcraft – the only trains worth catching! Sets from 19/11 to 190/-

1965 review:


The Playcraft Railway system, which is two rail, working off twelve volts D.C., in common with other makes is also very simple to wire up. This firm specialises in the production of trains for the younger enthusiast, although many items in their range are ideally suited to any model railway. For the beginner the "Snow Hill" or "Stratford" sets are ideal, and are each supplied with four items of rolling stock. A car carrier, bogie tank wagon, bogie brick wagon, and brake van, is supplied in the "Stratford" set, and a cement wagon, tube wagon, open wagon and brake van, in the "Snow Hill" set. The locomotives are quite good representations and the two sets I have just mentioned, have an 0-4-0 tank locomotive, and a bogie diesel locomotive. The Playcraft system, as with others, has its own track system with a range of six points; 12¾ in. radius right and left hand, 15 in. radius right and left hand, and two types of diamond crossing. The 15 in. points are also available electrically operated. Each train set is of course supplied with its own oval of track, and a wide range of additional rolling stock is available.

Three passenger train sets are also available in the Playcraft range – two British and one Continental.

— , -, , Meccano Magazine, , October 1965

1966 advertising text:

It's Cheaper By PLAYCRAFT Rail

You get more for your money when you buy Playcraft Railways. Your first set can cost as little as 19/9d. and now there are 13 fabulous sets to choose from. All the sets are perfect replicas of British and Continental railways – unbeatable for their stunning realism and watch-like precision. And the terrific range of accessories, rolling stock, and rails still cost less than any other make.

Build that big layout for small outlay – today.

— , Playcraft Railways, , Meccano Magazine, , December 1966


Playcraft Railways box, Open Goods Wagon P 631
"Jouef for Playcraft" markings
"Jouef for Playcraft" / "Made in France" markings

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