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After Meccano Ltd had produced various sets of gauge 0 -scaled figures, and as many variations on a small cast pull-along train as they could reasonably manage, they seem to have decided that they could no longer avoid producing some motor vehicles, and so appeared the Hornby Modelled Miniatures No.22 Motor Vehicles set.

This was a set of six fairly disparate vehicles, which were supplied in a retailer box of six, and which could either be bought as a boxed set, or could be bought individually, with the individual pieces having their own prices and numbers, 22a-22f

Anomalously, while all the other Modelled Miniatures sets included the letter suffixes in their adverts, Motor Vehicles 22 usually didn't, and in some adverts where the name is printed below an image of the toy, the lettering seems to be displaced to the right, almost as if the graphic designer was leaving space to allow a number to be filled in later. It's conceivable that perhaps Meccano Ltd might have been wondering whether they should be holding off on committing to a final numbering system until they knew how many other motor vehicles they were going to produce. Should they, for instance, reserve a continuous set of other letters for other future motor cars in the 22 series?

In the event, "No.22" stayed as just six pieces with (finally!) official letters, and further cars and van variants ended up being assigned their own sets and numbers - when the company produced a whole range of attractive livery variations on the Delivery Van 22d, these weren't squeezed into the existing 22 range, but given their own separate number (No.28).

Set No.22 (Motor Vehicles)

  • 22a Sports Car
  • 22b Sports Coupe
  • 22c Motor Truck
  • 22d Delivery Van
  • 22e Tractor
  • 22f Tank (with swivelling turret)

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