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The Meccano Evolution series is the latest iteration of the basic Meccano concept, launched to the toy industry in January 2013. The sets were released to the public in Autumn 2013.

"Back to Basics"

"Evolution" represent a a partial return to the "engineering-based" philosophy of the early Meccano sets, rejecting complex cosmetic parts in favour of larger numbers of simpler general-purpose components. As a response to criticisms that some modern sets were too "gimmicky", "Evolution" can be compared to the Lego company's release of the "Lego Creator" sets as a reaction to similar grumbles that some Lego models were "cheating" by using too many custom parts.


Meccano Evolution incorporates a number of design principles:

  1. The use, wherever possible of the original Meccano designs and parts.
  2. Addressing the need for solid "spacer" blocks by introducing some "Lego Technic"-style" pierced plastic "beam" pieces
  3. The introduction of new narrow strip pieces with double-density-spaced holes to allow more intricate detailing at small scales, while retaining compatibility with the original half-inch-spaced parts.

Since the new smaller parts use less metal, they allow Meccano sets at a given price level to have a higher parts count and to be capable of building more complex and sophisticated models.


As of December 2013, the range consists of five models:

  • 5210 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) - yellow - quad bike with suspension.
  • 6200 Four Wheel Drive Car (4×4) - red - "monster" car with steering and front winch
  • 7200 Tow Truck - orange - chunky truck cab, with towing attachments
  • 8200 Crane Truck - black and yellow - crane truck with steering, extendable crane arm and foldout stabilisers
  • 8210 Helicopter - orange - helicopter with motor and winch

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"Evolution" isn't the first time that the Meccano range has received parts with half-spacing holes - there was also the 1930s Meccano X Series range.

However, the "X" initiative was probably less an attempt to modernise the Meccano range of parts, and more an attempt to undermine sales of the Trix metal construction system (which it appeared to borrow heavily from). Although the "X Series" parts could be used with Meccano, they didn't seem to be designed with the rest of the range in mind, and "X" disappeared after a few years.

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