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Mathews Model Toy Factory

T. Mathew's & Co. Ltd. of Leicester seems to have been a general printing company (the Imperial War Museum hold a copy of a WW1-era photo-essay on the destruction of a Zeppelin that they printed).

We have an advert of theirs from 1935 for the theatre that seems to suggest that it might have been one of "MATHEWS SIX WONDERFUL TOYS", and mentions a catalogue ... but if so, we don't currently know what the other five "wonderful toys" might have been.

Somewhat earlier (1923) the company had boasted a larger range of twenty-one toys, operating as Mathew's Model Toy Factory, and had taken half-page adverts in every monthly issue of Meccano Magazine for the second half of 1923. These ads featured No.11 Empire Theatre of Varieties, which seems to have been their most successful toy line.

Range (partial)

The toys shown mentioned in the 1923 MM advertising are:

No.5 Noah's Ark
– "What a beautiful toy for a child; the animals are exactly like the real ones, in natural colours and stand up. it is great fun to watch them marching into the Ark with Mr. and Mrs. Noah behind them." 6/
No.11 Empire Theatre of Varieties
– "This is a beautiful and entertaining toy, with all the romance and glamour of the stage. The pleasure to be derived from the performance, given by the eight Artistes, is extreme. The show is a tremendous success at a Children's Party, and a supply of Programmes can be given round by the "Ushers". All the Stars are billed on Special Posters." 6/
No.12 Unique Primer
– "This toy will keep the children happy for hours, and, at the same time, teach them how to form words. Strongly made. Will last a lifetime." 1/6
No.14 Nursery Playmates
– "dainty dolls to dress and undress" 1/9
No.16 Punch and Judy
– "A most clever and realistic performance can be given with this show. Have you ever seen old Punch and Judy, and Toby, and the Ghost, and all the other funny old Figures? Whether you have or not makes no difference, because anyone can make heaps of fun. Try one for entertaining your friends!" 4/6
No.24 Star Kinema
– "A real Kinema performance at home. Easily operated, and causes endless amusement." 4/


  • Mathew's Model Toy Factory, Short Street, Leicester (1923)
  • T. Mathew's & Co. Ltd., Sandacre Street, Leicester (1935)

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