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Fred Bronner was the sole US distributor of the Matchbox Series range from the 1950s until 1964, when Lesney Products created a US offshoot, Lesney Products (U.S.A.).

1965: "THIS IS MATCHBOX", advert in the US-based "Boys' Life" magazine

As part of the deal with Bronner, Lesney got ownership of Bronner's stock, and Fred Bronner was appointed president of the new offshoot company.

1965 advertising

THIS IS "MATCHBOX" ... the precision scale model for the serious car collector.

Sure, "Matchbox" scale model cars make great toys. Just great. But they're more, too. A lot more. Especially for a guy who's just plain crazy about cars. (You maybe?) Everything about them is precise. Perfect. Authentic right down to the last wheel spoke. Of course, that's the finicky English for you. They put "Matchbox" togther like they expected little people inside. Solid diecast metal construction. Plenty of moving parts. Practically indestructible. 116 to choose from, too. Antiques. American. Foreign. Racers. Trucks. From 49c they're the precision car for the serious car collector.


— , -, , Boys' Life, , October 1965

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