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Lineside (Modelcraft)

The Lineside Plans and Kits represented Modelcraft's foray into 00-gauge accessories, and appeared in their catalogues in the 1940s and 1950s.

Although the range included both buildings and vehicles, the name is mostly remembered, affectionately, for the range of Lineside Lorries.

"Lineside" railway building plans

THE "00" enthusiast is wise in his choice of scale. It is possible for him to construct a quite extensive layout in limited surroundings. The constructor will find that Modelcraft "Lineside" Plans give all the necessary detailed instructions for the construction of a very complete range of Architectural and Engineering features. All structures are drawn to standard railway dimensions, with modifcations where necessary for "Trix" and other established "00" systems clearly shown. As well as elevation and plan drawings, pictirial elevations are also given. This is supplemented by outline drawings of weach individual part, with measurements clearly shown and all items listed.

  • DA101 Main Through Station
  • DA102 Country Station
  • DA103 Suburban Station
  • DA104 Small Goods Station
  • DA105 Large Goods Station
  • DA106 Locomotive Shed
  • DA107 Small Signal Cabin and Weighbridge
  • DA108 Large Signal Cabin
  • DA109 Tunnel Mouths
  • DA110 Platelayer's Hut and Fogman's Hut
  • DA111 Water Tower and Tanks
  • DA112 Terminal Station
  • DA113 Overbridges
  • DA114 Cattle Dock
  • DA115 Buffer Stops, etc.
  • DA116 Turntable (with "Vibromotor")
  • DA117 Semi-detached Villas
  • DA118 Scenic Backgrounds (line-on-grid, not full size)
  • DA119 Modern Roadhouse
  • DA120 Bus Depot

"Lineside" vehicle plans

WE can state unhesitatingly that these are the best road vehicle plans ever produced. Constructional details are very clear and accurate. Each plan will make up a perfect miniature vehicle. Scaled at 4mm to 1 ft., they will fit perfectly into "00" gauge railway layouts. Additions to the series will be made at regular intervals and a collection of these vehicles will give a perfect presentation in miniature of modern road transport.

1951: J.T. Hill's "Making Miniature Vehicles"

  • EA101 4 wheel Sided Lorry, Leyland "Lynx"
  • EA102 6 wheel Sided Lorry, Leyland "Hippo"
  • EA103 8 wheel Platform Lorry, A.E.C. "Mammoth Major"
  • EA104 6 wheel Platform Sentinel Steam Wagon
  • EA105 4 wheel Heavy Van, A.E.C.
  • EA106 4 wheel Cattle Wagon, A.E.C.
  • EA107 Articulated Well Wagon, A.E.C.
  • EA108 4 wheel Tank Lorry, A.E.C.
  • EA109 4 wheel Single Deck Bus, A.E.C. "Regal"
  • EA110 4 wheel Double Deck Bus, A.E.C. "Regent"
  • EA111 6 wheel Double Deck Trolleybus, A.E.C. "Weymann"
  • EA112 4 wheel Double Deck Trolleybus, A.E.C. "Weymann"
  • EA113 Scammell Mec. Horse
  • EA114 Ford Light Van
  • EA115 Ford "Prefect"
  • EA116 Dennis Refuse Vehicle
  • EA117 Dodge LUTON Van
  • EA118 4 wheel Green Line Coach Type T.F.
  • EA119 Leyland Interstation Bus
  • EA120 Foden Timber Tractor
  • EA121 Ford "Thames" Lorry
  • EA122 Green Line Bus 6Q6
  • EA123 Bedford Endtipper
  • EA124 Bedford Southdown Bus
  • EA125 Aveling Steam Roller
  • EA126 Maudslay Brewery Lorry

Lineside Kits

The Lineside range of kits has been introduced to meet the demand for an inexpensive, easy-to-build kit of parts for railside buildings and features in 4mm scale.

They are fully comprehensive and contain printed wood and card parts, printed acetate windows, etc., brick and tile papers, plan and full instructions.

— , -, , Edward Beal's Model Railway Series, , 1940s/50s

  • Large Goods Station
  • Country Station
  • Large Signal Cabin
  • Small Signal Cabin
  • Platforms
  • Water Towers
  • Footbridge
  • Trackside Features

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