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Lincoln Logs

1916 -     

The Lincoln Logs system was invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright (nee Frank Lincoln Wright) during a visit to Japan, where his father had designed a building using interlocking beams in order to make it earthquake resistant.

"Diagram of Pieces", Lincoln Logs

Log cabins

This technique was already traditionally used in the US for building log cabins, where logs of the right length could have scooped notches cut into them near the ends with an axe, and could then be stacked with the notches interlocking to make a basic but extremely solid and stable cabin without requiring any other tools (any draughty cracks between logs could be sealed with mud or other easy-to-hand materials).

Pioneer Log Cabin, Lincoln Logs

The "Lincoln" sets

The Lincoln Logs sets contained cylindrical wooden "logs" around the thickness of a human finger with wide square notches pre-cut into them, along with "half-logs"for base walls, angled roof end-pieces, and roof slats. The system also included wheels and axles for making basic carts, but was really only properly suited for making model log cabins (which it did extremely well, and authentically).

The combination of simplicity, authenticity and classic American design made Lincoln Logs a traditional and much-loved US toy.

Contents of sets 1L, 2L, 3L


Unsurprisingly, Lincoln Logs was best suited to building log cabins. However, the system also included wheels and axles, and a very basic vehicle body could be assembled sitting on top of a pair of axles.


  • Lincoln Logs (American Toys), 1750 N. Lawndale Ave., Chicago 47, Illinois

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