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As well as their steam engines and steam-powered boats and locos, Bowman also made a small range of simple lightweight rubber-band-powered model aircraft.

However, these tend not to have survived in the same quantities as the chunky metal and wood models from their other ranges ... as more "disposable" toys, owners would have been less likely to hang onto them if they became damaged.

1933: "Vulcan" rubber-powered plane

1932 advertising text:

BOWMAN Aeroplanes beat all rivals!

here's proof ...

Compare any aeroplane in the Bowman squadron with similarly priced models of other makes. Price for price, you'll find them bigger, faster, sturdier, and better finished. And they fly much further, too. Every one reveals the genuine "Bowman" characteristic – Better value for the money.


A scan through our 1930s advertising archives seems to reveal just four models, only one of which seems to have been illustrated:

"Best proofed silk covered planes. Shock proof chassis – aluminium wheels."

The Bullet
Span 18in, Length 20in, Propellor 8½in
Flies 500 feet
The Vulcan
Span 25in, Length 29in, Propellor 9½in
Flies 750 feet
The Ranger
Span 24in, Length 24½in, propeller 9½in.
Flies 650 feet.
The Vortex
Span 30in, Length 32in, Propellor 10in
Flies 850 feet

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