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Bowman Models' Bowwman Motors and Bowman Dynamos.

Electric Motors

Model 844 – An amazingly efficient new type electric motor.

Double Power – half consumption.

This wonderful new motor has been tested against all the usual types on the market, and compared with the most efficient we could find it lasted double as long on a given size dry battery and gave double the power. Ideal for driving a boat or models. For 2, 4, or 6 volts maximum consumption 3/4 amp, but owing to unusual efficiency gives power equal to 1 1/2 amp motors. Polished Bakelite casing.. Twin Drive (belt or gear).

Postage 4d. Price 8/6

Model 845 – Electric Motor for Meccano Models, etc.

A light and efficient motor of usual type. Works with a 4-volt dry battery or accumulator. Series wound. Drilled metal base for use with Meccano models, but owing to light weight is also suitable for boats.

Postage 4d. Price 2/11



This delightful model is a generating self-contained electric power plant of great efficiency. A steady bright light can be obtained for lighting model workshops, stations, etc. for nearly 45 minutes each time boiler is filled. The engine is very similar to M135 described previously, the boiler being 5¾" × 1¾" Meccano pattern base 9" × 6". The dynamo is the same as model 839 below. In strong wood box.

Postage 1/- Price 21/-


(Patent applied for )

A super efficient dyanamo on an entirely new principle designed for use with very small steam engines. The only dynamo which gives a bright light with the smallest engine. Fitted ot a drilled metal based for use if required with Meccano models. Complete with special bulb and instructions.

Postage 4d. Price 7/6


A thoroughly efficient dynamo of attractive design. Mounted on on polished Bakelite base. Specially recommended for use with "Hi-power" Watermotor and large steam engines. Finest value available, with bulb.

Postage, 4d. Price 5/-

Other electrical items


A super efficient Transformer with very low consumption, specially designed for use with Toy Motors, Electric Trains, or small Lighting Sets, etc., etc.

Will deliver 3.5 Volts, 5 Volts, or 8.5 Volts, from 200-250 Volts A.C. Mains – current output 3 Amps. There are three output terminals. Full instructions with every model.

Postage 9d. Price 15/-


A beautiful instrument on polished Bakelite base with variable current. Works with 4-Volt battery. Great fun can be obtained by asking friends to pick a sixpence out of a bowl of water suitably connected to the terminals.

Postage 4d. Price 3/6

Model 855

More powerful model with high and low power switch and superior fittings.

Price 5/-

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