Caledonian Railway locomotive 142 (Bassett-Lowke gauge 0)

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Caledonian Railway locomotive 142 (Bassett-Lowke gauge 0)

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Arch Three , Area 1
1930s Model Railway Layout


A blue gauge 0 4-4-0 Caledonian Railway Dunalastair-Class locomotive and tender, number 142, with cream and black lining, blue wheel spokes, and chocolate floorline and tender bogies. This model was produced for Bassett-Lowke in 1927.

The original Locomotive

The Dunalastair-class locomotives were designed by John F. McIntosh and won some diehard fans in the steam locomotive engineering community. They were built between 1896 and 1914.

Locomotive CR 142 seems to correspond to a 1903 Dunalastair IV -Class loco that was later given the LMS number 14351 and was finally withdrawn in 1939.

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