Butterfly Bucket moneybox (Chad Valley)

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Butterfly Bucket moneybox (Chad Valley)

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Arch Two , Area 17
Toy Variety (display)

A blue and gold novelty moneybox shaped like a miniature butterfly-design bucket with hinged handle and lid.

The bucket has a blue lid with large slot (with enlarged round ends) and a blue base with a hinged rectangular locking door with keyhole.

The bucket side has broad gold bands at top and bottom, and a central blue area that has a three-square-high grid of solid blue squares and a large central butterfly image in gold on each side of the bucket.

The side of the bucket is also marked "MADE IN ENGLAND BY / CHAD VALLEY Co Ltd HARBORNE"


The box would probably have been made for Chad Valley by Metal Box after World War Two, when Chad Valley and Metal Box teamed up to make and sell a range of metal toys and moneyboxes.