Steam powered 4-4-0 model locomotive (Bowman Models 234)

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Steam powered 4-4-0 model locomotive (Bowman Models 234)

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A green 4-4-0 "oversized gauge 0" steam-powered model "locomotive with Flying Scotsman LNER 4472" markings, made by Bowman Models.

The loco model has a Bowman catalogue number of 234, and its tender has a catalogue number of 250.

LNER 234

Although this model carries the Flying Scotsman markings, it seems pretty certain that Bowman's model 234 was modelled on the 4-4-0 locomotive LNER 234 Yorkshire (to which it actually makes quite a decent likeness), and the catalogue images that we have show the model carrying LNER 234 markings.

However, the Flying Scotsman was a more popular locomotive (even if it had a different number of wheels!), so producing a 4472 version might have been a sensible marketing move. The company also produced another version, with LMS markings.

Catalogue information


"DOUBLE POWER MODEL 234 - "O" gauge. 4-4-0 "


This is the model which has made Bowman Locos famous throughout the world. in spite of its low price it is much larger and more massive than the usual type (see comparison on page 19). It will pull a train of 6 large coaches for 1½ miles every time it is filled. Imagine how such an engine would improve your railway system. It runs on any "O" gauge track and enables you to obtain a real express, non-stop run of 40 minutes with steam puffing the chimney.

Bowman 234 locomotive, advert


Solid drawn brass boiler. New Bowman safety valve. Overflow plug for filling to correct level. Steam exhausts through chimney. Solid drawn brass cylinders 3/8" × 7/8" stroke. Pistons brass with grooved oil rings. Special felt oiling pads for lubrication. Steel frame. Turned cast steel wheels with steel axles. Safety type lamp for methylated spirit, asbestos wicks. Wick covers are supplied for cutting out burners, 2d. each. Engine and Tender 20 inches long. Weight, 5 lbs. Complete with strong wood box, with tube of Bowman Loco oil, filling funnel, and full instructions with hints on running. Price model 234 30/-, Tender 7/6 extra.


An example of the unique qualities of Bowman Locos was demonstrated at the British Industries Fair, when a standard model 234 covered a total distance of 183 miles, the equivalent of a journey from London to Manchester, without special attention and without appreciable signs of wear. During the whole time it pulled 6 large coaches, the total length of the train being 10 feet. It was refuelled every 40 minutes (i.e. a journey of 1½ miles). A £5 foreign engine refused to pull half the load and ran 12 minutes only on one filling. Think what interest and realism such an engine would add to your own railway.

— , Bowman Models, , The Bowman Book of Steam Models, , ~1931

"Running instructions" leaflet

Bowman 234 running instructions sheet, side 1
Bowman 234 running instructions sheet, side 2

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