Boeing 747 (promotional mirror-model)

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Star Exhibit

Boeing 747 (promotional mirror-model)

Boeing 747 G-VGIN, travel agent mirror split model, Virgin Airlines.jpg (i)

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Arch Two , Area 16
Bleriot to Concorde (display)
Shelf 3

The large Virgin-liveried Boeing 747 "Jumbo Jet" model in the "Bleriot to Concorde" display is slightly deceptive: Due to the large size of the aircraft (and the large size of the resulting scale model), this model only reconstructs one half of the aircraft, and is cleverly mounted against a mirror to produce the appearance of the other half.


These sorts of large aircraft models were typically made as promotional items for travel agency shop displays and trade shows – the use of the mirror meant that a large model could be fitted into a shallow window display despite the 747's comparatively wide wingspan.