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3D Printing refers to a process that can create three-dimensional shapes without human intervention, analogous to the way that normal printers automatically create 2D images from a file.


As of 2018, the two most popular types of device were extrusion and powder bed printers. Both types of device require a three-dimensional model to first be "sliced" into cross-sections, which are then printed onto the growing model, one at a time. Affordable 3D resin printers using LCD screens started to make an impact on the market in 2020/2021.

Other approaches

More niche approaches include using a tank of transparent polymer gel, which hardens at points where two laser beams intersect.

Hybrid approaches

Some 3D print services (e.g. Shapeways) also offer a range of combined print types:

  • A high-quality wax model may be made using the "extrusion" approach, and then be used as the basis of traditional lost wax casting to make a cast metal model.
  • Water can be sprayed onto a mixture of water-soluble glue and stainless steel dust to produce a weak "glued metal powder" model that can then be packed with foundry powder, put in a kiln to burn off the glue and sinter the metal powder, and infused with bronze to retain solid volume.
  • A print head similar to a conventional CMYK inkjet printer can be used to spray ink rather than just water onto a powder to produce full-colour models.

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