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Organised School Visits

Brighton Toy and Model Museum houses a truly unique collection of toys and models from all over the world, dating as far back as ~1750. The collection includes trains, aeroplanes, boats, dolls, games and novelty items, glove and marionette puppets, toy theatres, and much more.

The Museum offers a very successful educational programme for schools, which covers a wide range of National Curriculum modules and which is designed to meet the key learning outcomes. Our extensive range of artefacts enables educational groups to explore topics within History, Science and Design Technology.

We cater for pupils from nursery age to adult learners, although our main offer is to primary school aged children.

Please download and browse through out Pre visit information PDF to get a better idea of what we offer, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions.

pdfDownload Pre-visit Information (PDF 313k)

Sessions Offered to Primary Schools

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Toys, Puppets and Mechanics KS1 KS2
Vehicles and Transport KS1 KS2
Mechanics and Moving Toys KS2
Construction Toys KS2
The Victorians:Seaside (“Punch and Judy” puppet shows available)
World War Two – what was it like to be a child in WW2? KS2
20th Century Childhood KS2
Dolls and Bears – Timeline and Materials (reception) KS1 KS2

If no specific theme is requested, a general educational session is available which will draw upon most of the above themes using toys as the main focus. With prior arrangement, we can also adapt the sessions or create new ones in order to meet specific requests (subject to what the collection can accommodate). Please discuss this with the Education Officer.The sessions are led by the Education Officer and provide the opportunity to look at and handle artefacts as well as to discuss their significance. For KS2 sessions an emphasis is also placed on historical investigation and the use of evidence.

Session Prices

Educational Session Minimum Charge of £117 for up to 36 children and adults, £3.25 each per additional child/adult.
Puppet Show Minimum Charge of £72 for up to 36 children and adults, £2 each per additional child/adult.
Other Groups Please contact the museum for an individual costing.

Booking an Educational Visit

All school visits must be booked in advance. Please contact the Museum and have to hand the following information needed for booking –

The date(s) you wish to book (please have a range of dates available in case your chosen date is fully booked)

  • School Address and email address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Number of children and teachers that will be attending
  • Estimated time of arrival and departure
  • The general topics you wish to be covered in the session


If you need to cancel the booking, you need to do it in writing: by post or e-mail. You must let us know about the cancellation at least 14 days in advance to avoid any charges. Cancellation within 14 days will result in a charge of 30% of the cost of your booked visit but within 7 days will equal 50% of the full cost of your visit.

Should you require any further information, please contact the education officer at the Museum’s “education” email address (education@brightontoymuseum.co.uk), or speak to any of the Museum staff.

Puppet Shows

The Elfin Grove present: The Firebird

ElfinGrove_Firebird_backgroundpuppet“Now I see the Firebird, I must try to catch it!”

Our story today is based on a Russian fairy tale:Ivan, the youngest son of a peasant is aided by a little white horse in his life’s quest.  He must find the Firebird and the Princess of the Sea for the King!

When Ivan, and the King are led by the Firebird, through the trial by fire, their true beings are revealed but only one may win the hand of the beautiful Princess of the Sea!



Here at Brighton Toy and Model Museum, our aim is to give children impressions that are imaginative and life-affirming, using traditional tales from many lands.

Our stage has been specially designed by The Elfin Grove for the Museum. We use hand-dyed and hand-sewn silk and other natural materials to create our puppets and scenery. We hope to inspire schools in puppetry, having the potential to involve children in a wide range of visual arts practices as well as helping to develop literacy and musical skills. Children gain confidence, overcoming shyness as they identify with a character in performance.

Duration of show: 30-45 minutes

A puppet show can be booked as part of a school visit to the Museum or for a group booking.

For further information, please contact Madeleine Doyle at the Museum, or email


We also have a dedicated page on the Brighton Heritage learning site

pdfHeritage Learning Teachers Guide