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Welcome to Brighton Toy and Model Museum's knowledgebase!

These pages hold background information on the Museum's exhibits, and relevant background information on the general and social history of toys and toymaking up until around the middle of the C20th, for an age before mass-produced plastics and electronics dominated. Although this encylopedia is powered by the same software that runs Wikipedia and (like Wikipedia), is a continually-growing "work in progress", editing is reserved for authorised Museum personnel only.

These pages are also available on the touchscreen terminals arranged around the museum, and on visitors' own devices via wifi - the knowledgebase currently has over four thousand pages and over four thousand photographs and archive scans, but does not yet attempt to cover the whole of the Museum's collection (which is around ten thousand items).

The 25th Anniversary

2016 is the 25th anniversary of the museum, which first opened its doors in 1991. While 2015 was spent focusing on general infrastructure improvements, 2016 will be marked by some significant improvements and additions to the displays.

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Brighton - More pages about relevant Brighton-related subjects. The museum is an official Brighton Tourist Information Point, and supplies free maps to visitors, courtesy of VisitBrighton

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