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Welcome to Brighton Toy and Model Museum's knowledgebase!

These pages hold background information on the Museum's exhibits, and relevant background information on the general and social history of toys and toymaking. Although this mini-encylopedia is powered by the same software that runs Wikipedia (and, like Wikipedia, is a continually-growing "work in progress"), editing is currently reserved for Museum personnel.

These pages are available on the touchscreen terminals arranged around the museum - the knowledgebase currently has over two thousand pages and over three thousand photographs and archive scans, but does not yet cover the whole of the Museum's public collection.

Feel free to explore!


Entries so far

Inside the Museum

  • Display areas - displays and display areas listed by number
  • Museum exhibits - the first ~thousand-odd individual display items to be listed. This list is constantly being expanded.

Special selections

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  • Director's Choice - Exhibits and displays selected by the Director, Chris Littledale, as having special significance.
  • Frank Hornby 150th Anniversary - to commemorate the 150th anniversary of British toymaker icon Frank Hornby, we radically expanded the sections of the wiki Knowledge Bank that deal with Hornby, Dinky Toys and Meccano, thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This work generated hundreds of pages on Hornby/Dinky/Meccano exhibits, and over a thousand online images.
    The grant also paid for a full-time Project Officer for one year, and new public IT for the Museum, including a set of information touchscreen terminals.

Past events and exhibitions

  • Frank Hornby Week - 11th May, and 14-19th May 2013.
  • Coronation Scot - our 2012 exhibition on Britain's streamlined, speed-striped Art Deco bullet-train. This was Britain's fastest train in 1937, and its luxuriously opulent red-and-gold 1939 version was (literally) the final word in high-speed luxury, representing the peak of Britain's Golden Age of Steam before World War Two ended high-speed luxury travel on the country's rail network.

Currently being expanded...

Other recent pages

Outside the Museum

  • Brighton - Pages about relevant Brighton-related subjects.

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