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The Meccano Mechanised Army Outfit appeared in late 1939 as a response to the onset of World War Two, with advertising appearing in Meccano Magazine from November 1939 through to 1941.

As well as the inclusion of some new parts useful for making model gun barrels, the most obvious distinguishing feature of the sets was that all the parts were enamelled in "service green".

Production seems to have ceased in 1941, doubtless as the need to divert metal supplies to the war effort became more intense.

1939 Hamleys Catalogue entry

1939 advertising text:

Mechanised Army Outfit

The rapid development of tanks, anti-aircraft guns, and mechanical transport of all kinds has revolutionised the Army of to-day.

All boys are interested in the British Mechanised Units, and they will welcome the new Meccano Mechanised Army Outfit, with which can be built magnificent models of tanks, anti-aircraft and field guns, searchlights and transport vehicles, with a greater degree of realism than has ever before been possible.

The Outfit consists of a big assortment of specially designed parts, including Gun Barrels af different diameters, which can be used either singly or in combination.

The fine models shown in the accompanying illustrations are two of those described in the splendidly illustrated Manual of Instructions packed with the outfit.

Price of Outfit 10/6

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