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Original Location

W.J. Bassett-Lowke's original 1890s mail-order business operated out of Kingswell Street, at a premises owned by his parents' and grandparents' boilermaking and engineering business. Census records suggest that the site might even have even been the original site of Abraham Bassett's business before its expansion, and the location was identified by Bassett-Lowke Ltd as being the same site that appears in an old family photograph of Absalom Bassett, his wife Triphena, his wife's son Joseph Thomas Lowke and JT's wife Eliza Lowke. The child in the centre of the photo is a very young Wenman Joseph Bassett Lowke.

1910 premises

After the company became a Limited Liability status, it moved into a new larger premises in 1910. In character with WJ's habit of not moving away form hs family, the new buuldign was practically in sight on the foirs tlocaiton, perhaps a minuteor two's walk down the road!

The standard photograph of this new premises shows a building with a bevelled corner, on which can just be made out "Bassett-Lowke Limited Model Engineers", followed by some other text that unfortunately isn't readable.

Shops and showrooms

Information under preparation

Workshop testing stand for model locomotives

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